FanArt Corner!

I got another submission of fanart with one of my dresses!

This submission was sent to me . . . by my dad! (He is a retired Air Force colonel and missile specialist...)
I think this picture is funky like something that you would see in Japan advertizing evaporated milk or scented pencil boxes or the opening of a new post office.
So it looks like I am not the only artistic one in my family!

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TFoL- Jo's Biker Chic

I started with Jo because I thought it would be a challenge to dress someone who's character was so butch. I didn't expect to have as much fun with this one as I did!

The first time Jo's character came on the series, she was in a motorcylce helmet and all the Eastland girls thought she was a boy. I wanted to use the biker motif to create a party outfit that is hot in a just-short-of-masculine way, just like Jo likes it.

Leonora in her incarnation of Jo is dressed in a striped knit T-shirt with a drapy cowl neckline under a jacket that is a cross between a baseball and biker jacket (made out of... old curtains! Thanks, Kidney!) so when she's ready to go, all she has to do is button up and hop on her Harley!

The pants are Tight Tight Tight. Seriously, they may as well be leggings, but they're not. Nora would be suffering right now... if she had blood vessels.

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FoL - Blair's Yacht Dress

It's a party, so of course Blair wants to put on something to show off her affluent status. So in order to brag from any angle, she's wearing a dress that she can wear for a nice day on Daddy's yacht.

First of all, this dress would probably be REALLY COMFORTABLE to wear. The fabric is extremely stretchy and can beautifully flow with the slightest movement.
That being said, I'm admitting right now that it's WAY too simple and I could have constructed something much more creative: playing with drapery and gathers, etc. Material of this stretchiness is alien to me right now, so I felt needed to make something on the more easy side. I think the result is really nice, but design-wise it is perhaps not necessarily one of my favorites.

Trina, as always, looks absolutely lovely, and she is very excited that she got to be the glamourous one this time around!

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FoL - Pa'Tootie

So I'll say this up front, I don't have a black mannequin, but if I did, she would be fabulous. For now, Raine as Tootie will have to do. It may be a strange choice, seeing that Raine is my edgy girl, so she'll just be a Moody Tootie!

Here Raine is serving up fierce with the last of my stretchy striped material in a drapy top lightly inspired by Tootie's mushroom hair. I wanted to do a bollowy, baggy blouse/sweatshirt, for, as you know, the 80's were quite fond of many shapeless, figure-hiding garments, but not as fond as I was of using commas in this long, run-on sentence.

I am not used to clothing this loose, but I actually like the outcome, considering how surprisingly easy it was to make. Just four five-sided polygons and some elastic and *bam* - drapy diva top.
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FoL - Tootie Extra

I was just playing around with different camera angles when I hit this artsy shot of Raine looking at herself in the mirror. I liked it, so I used it.

By the way, aren't you glad that I decided not to go with the demise-bringing Pippa as an inspiration? I sure am. It was like jumping off a cliff once that annoying Aussie wench arrived. Not that I have anything against Aussies, just annoying ones that kill shows that I like.

Oh, and there will also be no outfit for Natalie.

And she knows why...
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3C - Shop Girl Janet

Janet works in a flower shop. On the old show, she used to dress up in what I thought looked like church clothes to go to work. Nowadays, I think Janet would be a lot more casual like most flower store girls, but still dressed to intice customers.

This more sexy Janet's top is made from very sheer strech poly with a carribean floral/leaf print. I wanted to put a lot of puffs and ruffles all over to simulate flower petals and bulbs.

I've never made a blousey blouse like this one. As you know, I favor very fitted tops with darts sucking everything in. But this experiment turned out quite well! The waist and arm bands are gathered in by elastic to fit her body.

The slightly flared jeans (that I made from every last inch of cotton fabric that I got from a garage sale) actually do funcionally button all the way up and down each side. The mannequins are a bit of a challenge to dress in pants because you have to remove them from the floor base each time, and Raine is expecially difficult beacuse her feet are far apart, which means I have to remove her left leg to get her pants on as well. I figured it would be convenient to just place the closures on the sides of the pants so I wouldn't have to deal with that process.

Well, after all was said and done, it would have taken less time to remove her from her base and do the leg thing than it did to sit there and button 56 buttons up and down each side! I really love the look that the buttons give, though, so I'm still glad I took the time to do it. However, if I decide to do the same button leg thing again, I'll definitely fake it just for the look and not actually make all the buttons functional.

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3C - Chrissy's Office Frills

On "Three's Company," Chrissy worked as a secretary. She always seemed to be getting harassed by her boss. I think today, Chrissy would wear something that is sexy and fun, but not too tight and revealing.

I decided to make a fun assymetrical belted blouse for her with an extra large ruffle at the top to cover her "endowments". Yes, by covering her boobs, she's actually drawing attention to them because every time she moves, the ruffles will move and sway, but she's not smart enough to realize that.

I decided to go with shiny animal print pants instead of a standard predictable secretary skirt just to kick things up a bit and also to get some trouser practice in...

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3C - Chrissy's Clerical Error

Before that lovely ruffled number, I created a cropped jacket to match the pants with poor results, showing to the left. The shine of the material made flaws appear that weren't necessarily there. The lesson? Beware of shiny fabrics! They are best suited for skin tight designs over flawless bodies! Otherwise, don't go there!
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3C - My first FanArt!

Thanks to my good friend, Michael Walton, I received my first fan-created picture based off of one of my outfits!

He was so taken by Leonora's impression of Suzanne Somers, he had to create a comparison portrait.

Prepared to laugh your face off here.

3C - Mrs. Roper's Convertible Mumu

Well, the mystery is finally over! I know all of you were wondering who my third character would be in my 3C collection and it is the fabulous Mrs. Roper, and not Terry, that won my heart.

As you should recall, Mrs. Roper always wore these strange rectangle Mumus on the show. And let us not forget that she was always desperately horny and hardly EVER got any from her husband.

So I envision the updated Mrs. Roper as being a very courgarish Landlord's Wife who hits on all the young men in the building while wearing scandalously short 70's loungewear.

This whole dress (which is much fuller and more complicated than it looks) is held together by one continuous band of gold satin that wraps around the body and fastens in the front with a button.

I was concerned that the dress was WAY too short to just leave without a safety device underneath, so I made a pair of frilly panties, which I LOVE. They are way too cute to use just as underwear, so I rigged the mumu to clasp at the back of the waist to convert it into a sunbathing outfit!

Looking Good, Mrs. R! You've come a long way, baby!

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