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Maiden of Towers Dress

Photographer Dre Naylor captured these amazing images at the Whitewater reserve featuring my "Rapunzel" dress.  And model Melat Amha was a wonderful find.  You don't see legs or beautiful hair like that every day.

Stepping Stone Dress

7DS - The Frog Princess as "Lust"

This dress is made out of Sari fabric from the 70's and purple velvet from an old dress that was given to me by a friend who had left her Goth days behind.  After battling the static cling monster, this dress worked out so well that it has already been featured in two photo shoots and has racked up the most "likes" of all my designs that has been posted on the book of face!

7DS Wrath - Riding Hood and BBW

 I had fun with this one!  Extra bonus plus plus because that fur wolf jacket fits me!  (Although maybe it might look a little bit different on the 6 ft male model that is skinnier than I am...)  I love the photo story here that just happened to work itself out.  Notice how they are fighting and then Red "skins" the wolf at the end?

Red 70

Seven Deadly Sins Campaign: Princess Jasmine as "Greed"

Photography by Joe Stemmer, Model: Savannah Yturria, Makeup by: Kenny Sparks

Seven Deadly Sins Campaign - Rapunzel as "Pride"

Photography by Joe Stemmer.  Model: Kiarra Elliot.  Makeup by: Amber M

Steampunk Couture

Reggae Pants and Leather Micro Jacket and a huge surprise

This is my assistant, Jessia, who very often I truly think I learn as much from her as she does from me.  I think she is a gorgeous girl and also does a great job modeling for me.  Especially because she fits into all my sample sizes and isn't afraid of wearing things that are odd and unusual, like this super-flared pair of pants with a pocket on the outside and faux leather micro-micro jacket with fur trim.


My friend, Shawn, who is a headdress designer who used to work under Bob Mackie, was clearing out his studio space and gave me a ton of trim and material.  Among the findings was the fur I used in this jacket.  I asked him recently if this fur was from Mackie. 

He answered, "Actually, I think it's from Cher..."

 It's from freakin' CHER...