Tonight on a very Special "Blossom"

Hipster Raine says, "Wearing red on Valentine's day is SO mainstream..."

This outfit was not originally designed to look this tailored.  I first made a very blousy off the shoulder peasant blouse and a pink lace bubble skirt.  It looked wrong.  With those two pieces being very Summer/Spring and the vest's wool fabric being Fall/Winter, I once again was reminded the hard way that mixing seasons is a no-no!

So I went the colder route and tried a very cool elastic technique on the cuffs and collar of the long-sleeved tee underneath the vest and added some very bohemian handicraft touches to the edge of the collar to make it look more whimsical and less brown-wool stuffy.

I would like to say that this outfit is one that looks much better in person than in pictures for some reason, and I really like it!

Bonanza: "The Fake Indian"

I felt like playing with fringe.

I'm sure you know the very same feeling, right?

On the old Western shows, they regularly had Indian characters pop up for storylines, whether it be a scary Native man that is erroneously accused of a crime, or an intoxicatingly attractive Indian squaw in need of saving and/or taming.  The thing is, the actors playing the "natives" all seemed to be caucasians simply wearing tan makeup, i.e. "Fake Indian!"

I acquired this tan loosely woven fabric a little bit ago.  It was most likely intended to be used for window coverings, but I liked the way it easily unraveled at the raw edges and makes a wonderful fringed dress with beaded trim.

I wanted to pair the dress with an 80's denim jacket to add a cowgirl touch.  If you look at the zoom, I used a fringe slashing and twisting treatment used way back pre-renaissance period to show a peekaboo lining and add interest.

Deering's Flight Suit v.2

Yes, this is a remake of an outfit I made before for the same character, but I realized a flight suit uniform would be perfect to use as a piece for the Millennium Spaceport show.

When I went into my models' closet to get it out, I realized I had thrown the original Deering flight suit out!  So I made another one.

Speaking of the Millennium Spaceport show, did you notice my link on the side to see the progress for the costumes for the event