Tonight on a very Special "Blossom"

Hipster Raine says, "Wearing red on Valentine's day is SO mainstream..."

This outfit was not originally designed to look this tailored.  I first made a very blousy off the shoulder peasant blouse and a pink lace bubble skirt.  It looked wrong.  With those two pieces being very Summer/Spring and the vest's wool fabric being Fall/Winter, I once again was reminded the hard way that mixing seasons is a no-no!

So I went the colder route and tried a very cool elastic technique on the cuffs and collar of the long-sleeved tee underneath the vest and added some very bohemian handicraft touches to the edge of the collar to make it look more whimsical and less brown-wool stuffy.

I would like to say that this outfit is one that looks much better in person than in pictures for some reason, and I really like it!

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