The Storybook Stole

I made this little faux rabbit fur stole for Saija's wedding (she's the model in the picture) to cover a tattoo on her shoulder that her wedding dress didn't hide.
It was so envied by the guests at the wedding that she has worn it out and about with many different outfits (jeans, dresses, etc) and women always ask her where she bought it!  So she convinced me to sell these online in this fabric as well as other faux furs that I have tucked away!  They are so easy to make and I hope I sell a lot of these this fall and winter!

Fame: Dramatic Nights of Super Dance Dance Dance


Rockabilly Island!

The Birth of Venus Dress, Technicolor Sea Cruise


Battlestar Galactica: Saija's Cylon Dress

The Birth of Venus Dress!

I. Love. The. Way. This. Shot. Came. Out.
Flaw. Less.

Say Your Prayers, it's The Flying - Kimono!

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To celebrate my love for all things Japanese, I made your classic nun's habit into a very scandalous kimono dress.  I used every yard of this cream crepe-back satin and vintage orange asian print bridal satin (with a very small scrap of a lace table runner from the 70's!)  to create an artistic corseted bodice and flying skirt.

Mystran Rewind: It moves!

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A couple people didn't care for this outfit when I originally posted it on my mannequin, but I got a good number of people saying that they would love to see it one a live person, so here it is!

One Night at the Disco: Hot Nights of Wonder and Obscurity!

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Okay, so very obscure Television reference time!

When I was a kid, my parents exposed me to the wonders that were the Lynda Carter TV Specials.  I don't think they even realize how much watching her TV variety show specials almost every day on BETA(!) affected me.  She sang and danced and wore designer clothes was utterly fabulous. 

If you didn't ever know that Wonder Woman could sing, and tell cheesy stories, you owe yourself the favor of watching all of the clips online, starting with this one:

Land of the Lost: Voluminous Stone Age Waterfall Expedition!

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This is one of the dresses that I made for the first time I worked with the model in this picture, Cassidy.  It is made of an entire bolt stonewashed green silk that I acquired from an inheritance sale. 
After Cass put the dress on and commented on how incredibly comfortable it was (seriously, this material feels like cool water and was a joy to work with!), she walked out to the poolside, took a few seconds to adjust the dress and place her hands just right at the hem, and FLUNG her arms in the air and created the gorgeous shots that you see above!
Needless to say, it's not the last dress I will made for her.

Flashback to Yesteryear: Captain Lewis Returns to Torment

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Flashback to Yesteryear: The Hogan's Heroes Pickpocket returns

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 This is Cassidy, wearing one of my past favorites, the Pickpocket Dress originally seen over a year ago, which made my 2010 portfolio.  I was wardrobing a photo shoot and decided to bring a number of older dresses for the models to try on.  I think this one still looks fabulous.

Wonder Woman's Diana Prince: Soft Cuffs and Autumn Beauty

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This marks the beginning of the new items I created for a "less obvious" Flashback TV inspirations.  The references are still there, but with this new season, I want to create less "costumes" and more garments that are wearable with just hints of their television counterparts.
Molly, with her dark hair and blue eyes, makes a great Diana Prince.  I originally envisioned this dress to have a long, white underskirt, wearable perhaps for a holiday party, but there was something just "wrong" with the formal skirt with such a casual top, and I almost scrapped it for the shoot, but Molly insisted that it was good just as a sweater dress, and I think she was right!  Although there is a bit of scandal when backlit (yes, it could have used a slip), this just goes to show me that what looks dull on a dressform may look great on a real person.