The Addams Family - Monday, Tuesday... Wednesday!

Wednesday Addams.  I've always loved her.  She's dark and mysterious and a huge psychotic in a little tiny body.  Just like me!  Just like Raine, too, which is why she was so happy to be able to play Wednesday.  It's her new favorite character.

So with my newest outfit for my second season of FBTV fashion, I decided to begin with a new attitude.  I'm going to make things that are perhaps a little less expected.  Sometimes they will be strange, but hopefully they will be things that are fashion forward that you haven't seen before.  That is the only way I'm really going to stand out.

One of the things that is really in right now in high fashion is "architecture," making the fabric stand out from the body on it's own in a way that looks hard and gravity-defying.  This is something that I've liked to play in my collars before and in a few peplums.  I'm trying to pair that with the idea of "forced perspective" to start a new trend in clothing.

By Forced Perspective, I mean making the clothes fit in a way that makes the wearer look like they are posing even when they are standing up straight and normal.  See how Raine looks like she's holding her hips at an angle and her shoulders, too?  The skirt part of this dress looks like it's symmetrical, but actually, the waist on the left side of the picture is four inches higher and is constructed to stick out at a much more severe angle than the right.  The buttons on the front are also at an ever so delicate curve.  I guess you can call clothes like this a celebration of scoliosis.

By the way, those flowers that are making this outfit look cheery rather than dark and black weren't store-bought that way.  I made them out of burgundy bridal ribbon.  A big shout out to Gladys from Kristina's Craft and Trim for showing me how to make them.

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