Sci-Fi Adventure: A 25th century Outer-Space Babe Flies Again

As promised, my real one-day outfit based on a movie genre is ready today!

Any of you who watched the show were probably ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEATS wondering which genre I would go with. Sci-Fi won! (Although if I was actually on this episode, you know I would have without a doubt chosen "period piece" and made one of my renaissance dresses to kill everybody)

So here we have a revised version of Wilma Deering from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, played by the goddessly gorgeous Erin Grey. I think she looked better with dark hair than the blonde hair she adopted after the first season, don't you agree?

So this outfit is to offer a non-early-80's version of the lycra flightsuit that Wilma wore on Buck Rogers. I still wanted to go with something that hinted at a white space-suit, because, as you know, in the future all people will be dressed in monochromatic colors and at certain points all women will be wearing miniskirts.

This outfit has so many great details that will probably get overlooked and/or the camera doesn't pick up. You can see the holster on the pant leg, which I think makes a big statement. Imagine that detail not there. It wouldn't be the same.

Anyway, this outfit has pockets and fold-overs all over the place that don't all open at the top. When you're in space, there's no gravity, so why not make pockets with the opening at the sides or even at the bottom?

The undershirt has a strange, branch-like pattern on it as well that looks like the cooling tubes in real astronauts undergarments. I lucked out having that one!

So this one is a contender for one of my favorites right now. Please ignore the badly photoshopped white shoes on her feet. There, I said it! I used photoshop on something!! Don't judge! You don't know me!

*runs away*

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