Little House of Mary: She's Blind, You See.

Okay, so I am getting hard on myself. Or as I would alternately think of it, my standards are getting frustratingly high. I don't care for this outfit at all.

It was a good excercise in making tight peg-legged pants, which are back in now, but I wanted the top to look peasant-y and artist-y. I think it ended up looking like a renfaire shirt made out of cheap floral print material.

(I perhaps want to partially blame the fact that I had just watched the wretchedly historically inaccurate "The Other Boleyn Girl" while taking a break and the style got stuck in my subconcious mind.)

To tell the truth, it pretty much looks like the sketch I made before construction, so really there's no one to blame but myself.

I really hope I come out of this slump, and fast!

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