Steampunk Couture

Reggae Pants and Leather Micro Jacket and a huge surprise

This is my assistant, Jessia, who very often I truly think I learn as much from her as she does from me.  I think she is a gorgeous girl and also does a great job modeling for me.  Especially because she fits into all my sample sizes and isn't afraid of wearing things that are odd and unusual, like this super-flared pair of pants with a pocket on the outside and faux leather micro-micro jacket with fur trim.


My friend, Shawn, who is a headdress designer who used to work under Bob Mackie, was clearing out his studio space and gave me a ton of trim and material.  Among the findings was the fur I used in this jacket.  I asked him recently if this fur was from Mackie. 

He answered, "Actually, I think it's from Cher..."

 It's from freakin' CHER...