The Cosby Show: What Para-LLelo-gram is... Trapezoidica!

Yes, I call her, "Trapezoidica."

What we have here is initially inspired by "The Creature Teacher" Miss Westlake (Sonia Braga), who was given a parallelogram by her students when she spawned forth a child.  She was so happy and to this day, I still hear her voice saying, "Now she can learn what Parallelogram is."

Also this outfit is also obviously sci-fi heavy, which is completely okay because a trapezoid is not a parallelogram, so I hereby made geo-fi.  (Get it, a geometrical shape made fictional, see?... ... ... Don't judge me!)

Merry Xmas Brady Balloon Style!

For this year's Holiday cocktail dress... I am doing a pantssuit!

On a very special Brady Bunch Holiday episode, Cindy asked Santa Claus to bring her a very special gift.  She wanted her sick Mommy to get her voice back so she could sing in church on Christmas.

And in a strange twist of fate, Carol did indeed get her voice back and sang in church on Christmas!

Unfortunately, Santa did not tell Cindy that in exchange for her Mommy getting her voice back, she would also go completely blind.

So Leonora this year gets to be a blonde for Christmas and is wearing a yellow Holiday print off the shoulder blouse inspired by Carol's old lady turtleneck that she wore in church to sing.

Billows Billows Billows!