The Facts of Life: Blair stole Jo's Jacket!

Blair is back, but this time, she has a beautiful story behind the look!

                                                                                                       I very recently acquired a very large amount of fabric from the caretaker of a lady that just passed away.  I am so excited to use it all.  While I was organizing all the bags and bolts, I came across an unfinished project that I am guessing the lady had started sometime in the mid-to-late 80's, judging from the number printed on the tissue pattern that was pinned to fabric.

I thought, "How beautiful would it be to finish the project that she no longer can, but in my own style?"

So the result is this ultra-80's inspired unusual jacket dress that I can't tell if I like or not.  I like that I made ruffles out of plaid, you never really see that, but I think that the ruffles are a little bit of overkill considering that there is pleating involved as well.  But you must agree that the look is not something that you see every day!

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