The Patty Duke Show: The Challenges Begin Again, The Kitty Returns

The theme of this premiere episode was to make a garment that shows "who you are as a designer."  Once again, I understood the directions better than most (haha, I'm so very humble, I know!) and designed a dress that actually means something to me.

The Patty Duke Show is one of my all time favorite vintage TV shows.  Not only was it cutting edge for it's time (the split screen effect they used to show Patty playing two different characters on screen at the same time was nothing short of magical), but the storyline and characters and all-over fun kept the show interesting.

I remember one episode in particular that has stayed with me.  Short story is: Cathy made a cute little jumper dress with a kitty on the front.  All the girls at school wanted one after they saw it, and Cathy, wanting to please people, started making dresses for everybody and soon realized that not only was she overwhelmed and underpaid, but no one understood how much work went into making the dresses.

So here's my psychology lesson, but bear with me, it has a promising ending.  Cathy's Kitty dress dilemma somewhat parallels my ongoing journey as a designer/stitcher (which is what you call a male seamstress).  I know the most people don't understand that clothing isn't something that you effortlessly "whip up."  And listen, I still am not above paying my dues.  I've hemmed pants, sewn pillow cases, altered curtains, upholstered cushions, etc.  So, to me, this kitty dress represents my ongoing desire for people to regard me as a good designer and clothing maker, and not just someone who simply knows how to use a sewing machine.

But you know something that I realized?  People are starting to respect me as a designer more and more, which makes me SO happy!  For example, this year I made some garments for friends and family as gifts, and for one, I offered to go with his idea for a canvas bag to hold a floormat, and he told me that he would rather like me to make him a pair of pants.  I don't think he has any idea how much that meant to me!  To know that people have confidence that I will produce good clothing makes me gain twice as much confidence in my own work!  So, thank you, Easter Bunny!

So, what can I say about this particular dress as it comes to the particular challenge for which it was intended?  Backstory aside, this dress says that as a designer, I am a little retro, a little urban, a little punk, a little whimsical.  And most importantly, I want to say that my style is super-cute and well-made and super well-fitted!

Would this design win me the challenge?  Maybe, maybe not.  They would probably say that it is a little "costumey side," although I can totally see a girl going to a underground European dance club wearing this.  If I made this dress again, I would not add the buttons on the collar and I wouldn't angle of the bodice/skirt connection like that.  Straight across would probably be less "interesting" but more flattering, after all.  The dress ain't bad, though.  It would keep me in and that is what is important in the first rounds!

In closing, this dress's theme may look familiar to my long time fans as I have made a slightly less-edgy version of the kitty jumper (OMG, two years ago!) for the Kidney.  Compare and contrast.

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