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My name is Andrew MacLaine and currently I live in Palm Springs, California.  I have enjoyed making clothing ever since I took my first costume construction class in college.  It came as a great surprise to discover that I was actually pretty good at it!  Since then, I have studied fashion and theatrical clothing design, pattern drafting, fashion history, and wig design.

Throughout the years, I have worked as a costumer with varying frequency.  However, a few years ago, I began making clothing for a friend of mine, just for fun, and began to rediscover my passion for creating modern clothing with show-like flavor. Manyf people were impressed by my work, but I wasn't sure I had a "signature style."  It wasn't until another friend of mine pointed out, "What do you mean you don't have a style? All your clothes are inspired by old TV shows!  You made an "I Love Lucy" cheetah print dress!  You made a Patty Duke dress!  THAT'S your style!!"

She was right! 

I LOVE classic TV shows.  I always have.  Growing up, I loved especially watching shows that were technically "before my time."  They were and are so dear to my heart, and thinking of them makes me happy.  So, I thought to myself, why don't I create a signature line inspired by what particular characters might wear today, while still staying true to their respective shows and time periods? 

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