Hogan's Heroes: Ruteno Kinchu, Communication's Expert

Okay, so it was actually "Sergeant (Kinch) Kinchloe" but I couldn't resist changing it because "Ruteno Kinchu" sounds cooler than "Sajenta Kinchu."

Sgt. Kinch was argualbly a less "adorable" character on Hogan's Heroes, being more of a subdued personality rather than childlike and cartoony like the others. He often tended to blend into the background (so much that his character was replaced in later seasons without explanation).

So this outfit is obviously not "All American." I just received this awesome wig and it screamed Harajuku Girl, much to Raine's delight. Can you tell she is SO much happier dressed like this than she was when she was portraying Mary Ann?

Meet Ruteno Kinchu. She is an undercover communications expert that poses as a DJ at a popular nightclub in Japantown. While most people think she is spinning hot tracks, she is actually monitoring conversations through her headphones and sending messages via her costumized turntables. Very sneaky, indeed.

I'll start with what I LOVE about this outfit. I love the shorts. It was the first thing that I constucted for this ensemble and I think it's unusual and gorgeous. The cross-between hotpants and a pleated miniskirt was inspired by Japanese Samurai armor, with it's geometrical side panels hanging against the hips. I've never seen this combination done this way before in a skirt and I think it's very sexy.

The hot green undershirt was made from remnants of bedsheets that I hemmed for a client last year and is meant to have an Air Force look. In a way, I think that the outfit looks completely fine with just the blouse and skirt.

The jacket is meant to look a little ridiculous, such as many Harajuku girls do. I really wanted to use my strange "flourescent green snails against polka dots" fabric that I don't even remember buying. I like that it looks unusual, but also wish that I didn't put the time into adding so many of the details into the garment that I did. With the loud print on the fabric, you simply can't tell that there are two pleated pockets with diagonal flaps on top, circular epaulettes on each shoulder, and a mini "belt" on each sleeve held on by little belt loops, all trimmed with rusty stars as buttons. The jacket took an entire day to make!

Yay for brightness!

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