Bewitched: Serena Wants to Blow You A Kiss In The Wiiiiiiiiiiiind.

I got a few comments from my last outfit that Samantha's shirt dress (or at least the print) looked Serena-appropriate.  While I agree that Serena would like the wild print from that dress, she would never wear something that subdued.  Serena thought of herself as a rock star, so I made this slightly-off-kilter combination for Serena (something Samantha would never wear) as inspired by her living room rock number, "I'll Blow You A Kiss In The Wind."

I'm not sure WHY this scene still stands out in my mind after all these years.  Maybe it was the awkwardness of the camera movements trying to do the 60's psychedelic rock video thing.  Maybe it's that the song is memorable thanks to the "wi-i-iiiind" hook, but not necessarily that good.  Maybe it's because I didn't fully appreciate Serena until I became an adult and realized she was fabulous (I used think she had an annoying voice and always wondered how someone wearing such an ugly wig and bad makeup was so mean).

So here is Raine's Serena Rock Star outfit, complete with altered eye makeup and "beauty mark." (I know it's on the wrong side, but her hair is covering her face where the original would be.  Did you know Serena drew different symbols as her beauty mark with each episode?  I didn't.)    Many of visible seams are a little bit off and have a funhouse mirror quallity, just like Serena.  You can obviously see the collar is sideways, a feat that was not easily accomplished while still making it fold and stand up in the right places.  The button closure in front is also off center. (but it's fake. The garment actually zips up the back.) And the yoke of the skirt is on a severe diagonal at the front, and a severe curve in the back.

In the end, I really like the skirt.  I think it's adorable.  And as for the top, I like the way the collar turned out.  I would definitely consider doing something like that again in an even bigger proportion on top of a dark cocktail dress. with a really full skirt.

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