The News Is In: More Colour and More Cuteness Brings The Sunshine In

Trina is ready to travel back in time and steal Barbara Walter's job. Or at least steal her husband...

After last week's misguided attempt as a business suit, I was reminded that Trina's strength lies in vintagewear, and I hate anything that ends up looking colorless. I've been wanting to use this great fabric for a long time, but was just waiting for the right outfit to make from it to pop into my head.

I decided to go with a modified 50's/60's jacket with a large notched collar and crossover closure in the front, just to make it different.

If I could start over and make it all again, I would make the collar even larger to go even more over the shoulders, and make the crossover even more pronounced.

Learned experience from this project: If you go with a bold color/pattern with a bold statement in construction, it would probably not be such a bad idea to go bold all the way!

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