Moonlighting Stranger: A Mistakenly Grey Suit for a Mature Professional

Here it is! Made entirely out of newspaper!

Well, not really. I decided that only one outfit a week was just not right!

I have been working on this one for a couple days. I wanted to do a professional looking outfit for a woman that is not necessarily in her early 20's to be ready for that very plausible future challenge. I chose a Maddie Hayes "Moonlighting" private investigator type as a character to dress. I think the suit turned out okay.

I kind of had a hard time picking a material after I did the sketch of the suit. The jacket part has a lot of panels and peices and I needed something that had a good weight and behaved well with the iron. I ended up using this houndstooth patterned wool that I got at a garage sale. As plain fabric, it looked blue, but as soon as I finished sewing the pants and stood back, I realized the navy and the white in the pattern blended to look grey! Eek! No color?! NOOooooooooooOOOOOOO!Anyway, it was a good practice in jacket drafting and I really like the shape of the pants. In a different material (like a warm solid that would highlight the seam lines) I would make this again with perhaps interesting gathers at certain points of the bodice and/or a more pronounced tunnel collar to make it look less like a Korean Army Uniform.

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