Beach Challenge Part 2: The Sea Goddess Lives to the East of the Constellations

The second half of the Beach challenge was to create an Avant Garde look that was a companion to the surfer girl outfit. While some (pretty much all) of the designers created something that didn't have anything to do with the first look, I decided to take elements of my very simple previous outfit and make it artistic.

This dress is entitled, "The Sea Goddess," and from the hems of the skirts to the "wave" of the hood, the fabric is meant to look like the waves and ripples of beautiful aqua colored sea water .

Avant Garde is supposed to be more artsy than wearable. I could have gone further with the "artsy" aspect, making more billows and strange looking puffs in odd places, and making it look less like this other dress, but for my first attempt at something like this, I think it's pretty cute! I think it's perfectly wearable if I ever had to costume a Bollywood movie.

The bodice of this dress was something new for me. I drafted the fabric to gather at the corner and sweep across the body diagonally, but when I sewed it, the fabric stuck out and didn't "ripple," so I used a needle and thread and did a strange zig zag pattern to hand gather parts of the top to a very interesting effect! I will definitely use this technique again!

Fun Extra! I have made a Sea Goddess concept before with Crystal. This is more an excercise in my photoshop "expertise," but I designed and made the shell crown! I was very disturbed when I remembered that I had just recently thrown it away with my last move. It would have been perfect to wear with this outfit.

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