So Happy Holidays, 2008!

This is a picture of Trina's first holiday dress that is made of blue satin with a pleated bubble skirt with two rows of ruffles underneath, inspired by The Donna Reed Show.
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See Trina's portfolio by clicking here.

: July 18
Skin Color: Olive
Eye Color: Hazel
Signature Hair Color: Ash Blonde
Also looks good in: Light Brown and Auburn wigs
Does not pull off: Black hair and yellow-toned blondes
Telltale feature: Eyebrows held higher than the other two models
Funfacts: Trina is the oldest
She arrived with a smashed-in face, which I had to fix by
performing surgery on her head with a vice grip.
Her eyes have been re-done twice.
Her current eyes were bought from a taxidermy website.

Trina's pose is the most "straightforward" of the three, with very good posture, arms straight to the sides and legs just about parralel. This makes her a good model for ultra-fitted garments, vintage peices from a more "proper" era, and formalwear.

Trina is surprisingly not a diva and despite my initial fears, had no problem welcoming one, then two models into her showroom. She always makes sure they know their place, though, as she always stands in the center.

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See Raine's portfolio by clicking here.

: January 13
Skin Color: Milky Creamy Pale
Eye Color: Brown
Signature Hair Color: Black
Also looks good in: Sultry red, dark brown, Pale Bleached Blonde
Does not like: Light Browns, Golden Blondes, and "natural" colors
Trademark: Always poses with head tilted down. Rarely smiles.
Funfacts: Is Trina's younger cousin.
Has scoliosis (her spine is curved in an S shape).
Her left arm is an inch shorter than her right.
Was originally bought with the intention of supplying alternate body parts for Trina, but the skin was a different color, so that idea did not work out.
Raine is short for "Lorraine."

Raine is my "edgy" model and poses with one hand on her hip and her left leg stretched out to the side and back. Her physical deformities make it difficult to fit some clothing to her body, nothing too structured, no corsets, preferrably no long sleeves, but she strikes to feirce poses and knows how to pull off interesting shapes to make the clothes have movement even as she is standing still.

She may seem moody and dark, but actually has a goofy sense of humour when she is not on the job. She likes to dance and wear long skirts that swirl as she moves, but once the lights are on and the cameras are snapping, she is all business.

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See Leonora's portfolio here.

Birthday: February 6
Skin Color: Light Peach
Eye Color: Blue
Signature Hair Color: Bright Red
Also looks good in: Golden Blondes, Dark Browns.
Does not like: Light Browns, Dark Auburn, Ash blondes.
Trademark: It's all about the intense blue eyes and the attitude.
Funfacts: Was Raine's roomate before moving in with me.
Regularly removes/replaces right arm depending on the situation.
Her blue eyes are hand painted.
Was originally named, "Lissa" (short for Alissa), but promptly told me that not her name.

Nora's pose is surprisingly versatile depending on the angle in which she is seen. Slightly turned to the left, and she is posing like a showgirl. Angled straight forward, she has a "don't mess with me" stance appropriate for more urban looks.

Because of her body, she was made for sexy sexy not-subtle-at-all sexy. I like to think she can she work any garment, but her strengths lie in pants and short skirts, and not so much the long dresses and formalwear.

Personalitywise, Leonora would probably be considered a little high maintenance. She must have her hair styled just right and her head tilted just so or else she just doesn't look right. I have no problem with that, though. I always have styling implements on hand. She's worth it.

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