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Birthday: February 6
Skin Color: Light Peach
Eye Color: Blue
Signature Hair Color: Bright Red
Also looks good in: Golden Blondes, Dark Browns.
Does not like: Light Browns, Dark Auburn, Ash blondes.
Trademark: It's all about the intense blue eyes and the attitude.
Funfacts: Was Raine's roomate before moving in with me.
Regularly removes/replaces right arm depending on the situation.
Her blue eyes are hand painted.
Was originally named, "Lissa" (short for Alissa), but promptly told me that not her name.

Nora's pose is surprisingly versatile depending on the angle in which she is seen. Slightly turned to the left, and she is posing like a showgirl. Angled straight forward, she has a "don't mess with me" stance appropriate for more urban looks.

Because of her body, she was made for sexy sexy not-subtle-at-all sexy. I like to think she can she work any garment, but her strengths lie in pants and short skirts, and not so much the long dresses and formalwear.

Personalitywise, Leonora would probably be considered a little high maintenance. She must have her hair styled just right and her head tilted just so or else she just doesn't look right. I have no problem with that, though. I always have styling implements on hand. She's worth it.

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