Billows and Billows and Sail Away!

These just in from the coasts of Oregon!  A beautiful Siren Goddess celebrates her latest shipwreck success by posing amongst the ancient pirate ship ruins in a billowy avant garde creation made from the very remains of her most recent kill!

Cindy, it's Totally German Vogue!

I have to admit that when I made this outfit, I thought it was a little... odd.  And I was kind of afraid to put it on my model because I was SURE she was going to do something like smile politely while plotting my demise inside her head for making her wear something so ridiculous.

Well, sometimes a risk pays off because Cassidy rocked this odd little German number like she was in the pages of German Vogue!

Update:  Cassidy actually made it into Italian Vogue online!  This is a HUGE deal for a model.  Congratulations, Cass!!

Where is the TV inspiration, do you ask?  Remember the epsiode of the Brady Bunch in which Cindy was convinced that she was going to be the next Shirley Temple and dressed up as "Heidi?"  Well, there you go.

Roper Redux!

Remember this Mrs. Roper inspired swimsuit cover-up?  I recently provided this as a wardrobe piece at a photo shoot, with the model wearing jeans.  I think it works quite nicely!