Thanksgiving special: Earthtone Warmness!

Okay, so I know it's been FOR EVA since I posted something new.  It hasn't been that I haven't been sewing anything.  It's just been that I haven't been sewing anything that I LIKE.  (To see my recent Phails, click here and here.  It's not that they are without merit, they are just not worthy of being on the front page of my blog.)

This interesting half-pilgrim/half-Indian combination is a simple tube dress with a demi-corset attached to a gauzey sleeved top.  It's just matchy enough for the three textiles to work together harmoniously and not be so obvious that they are so different in nature.

And this also goes to support my previous thought that Raine is the most racially ambiguous of my girls.  One day, she can look American Indian, but just a while ago, she was the All American Girl, and then before that. she looked Japanese.  That's taLENT...