Is Mine!

Look!  I had a few hours (actually a day) to kill and I made something for myself!

I have been wanting to make a shirt for myself with this material for a while now.  It was given to me by my friends J.R. and David.  They found it during one of their trips Thailand and I think that it is if not hand-printed, at least printed with very nice dyes in a very intricate pattern.
I didn't take a picture of myself modelling it because I don't know how to set up my camera to do that, and also it's so cold that I don't really feel like taking anything off in order to put a new shirt on!  But, believe me, it fits better than anything that I can buy in a store.  As you probably know, I'm a little on the thin side... so most American shirts don't fit me as well as I would like.  If they fit my chest, they are too small in the shoulders.  The label, says "S", but it blouses out at my waist and makes me feel like a pumpkin.
This shirt really is a reminder that diagonal stripes take a bit of skill to align!  If you don't to it perfectly, (especially at the front closure and breast pocket) it looks cheap cheap cheap!  You can tell the cheap clothes because the makers might not pay attention to aligning the pattern while cutting fabric, especially at the sides.  I have always noticed on TV, characters like Dan Conner and Larry the Cable Guy wear flannel shirts with front and back plaid patterns that make no effort to align properly.  I'm sure this was a conscious decision by whomever styled them to make them look low class!

But enough of that tangent.  I will not imagine how cute I am going to look wearing this!

By the way, if you have not noticed by now, I have begun to post short videos of myself on the sidebar, just to share with the world the adorableness that is me.  You're welcome.

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