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This last outfit marked this wig's third anniversary for being used for a project!  Congratulations, Pamela! (That's the wig's name...)

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As of this week, Pamela has been used for Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke, Capt. Lewis from Private Benjamin, and Mrs. Roper from Three's Company (the wig looks different because it's on backwards).

Paying attention to the number of times Pamela has been utilized, it's making me think of all the others that have had multiple uses.  Let's take a trip down memory lane just for fun!

Crystal has been used for:
Laugh-In's Pamela Rodgers -and- Gilligan's Island Ginger

Cindy (In Black) has been used for:
Jeannie Party Guest #3 - and - Hogan's Heroes French Dog Trainer


Moca has been used for:

Jo - and - Rosie the Robot

Cindy (in white blonde) has been used for:
Judy Jetson -and- Sea Goddess

Shannon has been used for:

Endora - and - Jane Jetson

"New Jesus" has been seen with
Lost In Space -and- Happy New Year

Cindy (in ash blonde) has been used with:

The Avengers -and- TV Land Red Carpet Dress

Eve has been used with:

Carol Burnett -and- Hogan's Heroes Pickpocket
But you also may have seen her as:

Random Picture that kinda looks like Parker Posey

"Halloween -09"
Cindy (in light red) has been used for:

Carol Burnett in White - and - Jeannie Party Guest #2

Ashley has been used for:

Mod Squad -and- Laura Ingalls

"Human Layered" (I can't remember the name!) has been used for:

Charlie's Angels Kelly - and - Mary Ann

Becky has been used for:

Mary Trina Moore - and - Hogan's Heroes

But you also may have seen her as:

Trina's Bio Hair

Amora has been used with:

Industry Party Girl - and - accidental 5 sedond dress
and also as:

Leonora's Bio Picture
but this shouldn't really count because in all three she is playing herself.

Tulip has been seen with:

Tootie - and - Mork
(The latter was an uber phail, so picture was removed quickly)

Dang... That's a lot of wigs... and those are only the ones that I've used multiple times.  There are a lot more that I have only used once and even more that you haven't even seen yet!  Oh, my God!!!  It took me an hour and a half to even make this list!!!!  I have promlems!!!!!  Serious problems!!!!!!!!!

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