Mork and Mindy - A Surprise Denim Diva

I always thought that Pam Dawber was so pretty on 'Mork and Mindy.'  It might have just been her hair...  Admittedly, Mindy never showed this much cleavage when the show debuted in 1978, but this is today and I wanted to try to make a booby shirt. (That is the technical term that I just created. You're welcome.)
I tried something new with the construction of this blouse and it turned out so good!  I thought long and hard on how to construct a blouse that fit fit well, yet intentionally pulled apart in specific places in the front.  I won't go into specifics because not many people would know what I'm talking about, but the back of a pants pattern can be drafted in a certain way that looks unusual when laid flat, but makes the fabric mold around the buttocks (hehe, I said, "mold around the buttocks...") and I thought that maybe I could use a similar technique for the front of a blouse.
So I tried it and changed it and manipulated it and there you go!  Booby shirt!  Everyone will want one!
And, yes, there is a Mork companion that I made after this outfit, but it was not the best and I don't really want it to be on my front page, so I hid the post.  Nonetheless, if you would like to satisfy your curiosity and see it, the post is hidden here.

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