The Right Preg at the Right Time. A Kidney-Shaped Dress To Make the Children Happy

It was pregnancy challenge time this week, so a lucky someone is getting a spanking new dress for her baby shower!

I cannot say that I have never made a maternity dress. In fact, I just did a few weeks ago. But this is the first one I have made for that which can no longer be hidden...

Since this dress was designed for a real person with real color preferences, I went ahead and broke my usual rule of only using bright colors, which should make Heather happy. Also what should make her happy is the floral material I used. She actually talked me into buying it months ago at a garage sale we went to together. I argued that I "don't do black" but conceded when she told me it would look good on Raine!

And how, do you ask, did I pregnify the dressform? It was easy. Some dollar-store bras, a couple socks, and a balloon from the bag I bought for the baby shower.

Show-wise, this dress still follows my strategy. I maintain my formula that for the first two or three shows, clean, cute, and pretty keep you alive. They always get rid of the designers that they can't understand first. Next will start the weeding out of people that do sloppy work, followed by the Boring.

I hope this dress looks good on the Kidney! Her shower is on Sep 29, so I'll add pictures of her wearing the dress after the event!

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