From the Beginning. Fit for the TV Land Awards

This week's challenge was to create a "red carpet" look for an awards show of your choosing. So, keeping consistent with my angle, of course I had to pick the TV Land Awards as my event.

Red carpets no longer necessarily mean satin evening gowns unless you're at the Oscars. For the TV Land awards, I went 50's retro, inspired once again by The Donna Reed Show, with what Donna's daughter, Mary (played by Shelley Fabares) would wear today.

With this design, there is some strategy.
As per my observation, Rule #1 on design shows: In the beginning, start simple, well-tailored, and pretty, with a hint of your signature style. The risks will come later. The weird people with ugly dresses that no one can understand are the ones that go home first.

I chose the era of inspiration on purpose. The 50's is the decade where I start, and will plan on showing a progression in a timeline from there!

Can you also see a few elements that I seem to favor as a signature look? I like the look of Bishop sleeves, and have used them in some manner a number of times before. I also like the look of a short-sleeves with long-sleeves sticking out underneath. It's not something you see very often and I think it looks cool and different!

Phail Bonus! This journey did not exactly begin well. I attempted to make a long dress with a gathered bust as my first red-carpet attempt. I surely would be ripped apart for making something that looked like a bridesmaid's dress. Important lesson finally learned, though! Satin is not my friend unless it's lining! Posted by Picasa

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